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 The Routine:


Canine Freestyle GB Tomlinsons May 8th - 2nd Starters Freestyle score 23.37

Paws N Music Association Rugby - May 16th - Lottie wins Starters Freestyle score 22.53 This win means she is out of Starters.



WESTGLEN April 16th - Lottie wins Novice Freestyle score 24.77

PAWS N MUSIC ASSOCIATION SHOW Rugby May 15th - Lottie wins Novice Freestyle score 26.13 This win  means she is out of Novice and into Intermediate.

2011 THE ROUTINE (Intermediate)

2011 RESULTS (intermediate)

CAMBORNE DTC July 30th  - Lottie comes 3rd in Intermediate Freestyle, score 23.67, her first time in this class

CAMBORNE DTC July 31st - Lottie comes 1ST in Intermediate Freestyle score 23.75 She needs 6 more points to get into advanced!

PAWS N MUSIC ASSOC August 27th - Lottie comes 1ST in Intermediate, score 23.93 and is now in ADVANCED!!!!

2011 results  (advanced)

PAWS N MUSIC ASSOC - ANDOVER November 5th - Lottie comes 4th in only her second advanced class - AND she gets the final place in the Crufts qualifiers!! This means she will compete in the Crufts Semi-finals in January. The top ten dogs will go to Crufts!!

2012 the routine

2012 results

RUGBY DTC -STONELEIGH January 28th - Crufts Qualifiers - Lottie gives me the best birthday present ever by coming 9th in the Crufts qualifier class - which means we go to CRUFTS!!!!

CRUFTS - March 8th - Lottie works her socks off and comes 7th. Improving her Semis place by 2. The audience loved her.



The routine:


STONELEIGH August 29th - Loki wins Starters HTM Score 23.47

WESTGLEN October 30th - Loki 2nd Starters HTM and gains enough points to win out. Score 17.77

2011 freestyle results

For the first time, Loki ventured into Starters freestyle handled by Nicola at

Paws N Music show at Stoneleigh 28th August - they came 1ST with a score of 23.97!!

2011 heelwork RESULTS

PAWS N MUSIC Rugby May 15th - Loki comes 2nd in Novice HTM score 23.23