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Heelwork To Music, or HTM as it is commonly known in the UK, is one of the more recent dog sports to take the world by storm.

HTM is (in the UK) split into two divisions:- Heelwork and Freestyle.

Each division  has four classes – Starters, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

In the Heelwork division only a very small part of the routine can be Freestyle moves, the majority must be in a variety of the eight (nine in Europe) heelwork positions. The reverse is true for Freestyle.

In Freestyle as long as the moves are not injurious to the dog, just about anything goes.


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The picture below demonstrates one of the heelwork positions. The dog works across the front of the body.


This picture shows heelwork on the RIGHT side of the body.


Some routines benefit from the handler wearing a costume of some sort. This can help set the scene for the routine.  The above photos were from a routine set to a piece of music called Mexican Hat Dance. The hat and poncho help create the atmosphere.

This photo is from a routine that tells the story of Sir Percival and the Holy Grail. The costume helps tell the story. Not seen in this picture is the grail which features at the end of the routine.


Thanks to Michelle Dodson for the above photograph. 


This routine does not have a costume as the lyrics tell the audience what is happening.

The routines these photos were takn from can be seen on our videos page.